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Wed Nov 30 07:52:23 CST 2011

It happens. I think it's consistent with the intent of the First Amendment to let the occasional mistake happen rather to suppress free expression.
I hope to see more traffic, opportunities, exchanges of ideas and other, more productive ,forms of discourse in the future.
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I made a mistake this week when I allowed that TopjournalismSchools post onto our listserv. The spammer's email lied about creating a site to be a "truly effective Journalism education resource," and I figured it was something that people would want to see it because it mentioned many of our schools.

I fell for it. My crap detector wasn't working, and in my haste I didn't run a whois search.

My apologies for wasting your time. (Feel free to use me as an example in your classes for the "you can't trust the Internet" lecture.)

Lots of people have commented -- but the listserv apparently did not post many of the messages I approved, which is something we'll look into.

On the bright side, this is the most traffic our listserv has generated in months. Please use it. My TA and I updated the listserv's address list this month to more closely match our membership roll.

Meanwhile, keep a good thought as Vice Chair for programming Jin Yang and I go to Louisville, Ky., where we participate in planning the programming for AJEMC 2012 in Chicago. We'll report back once the dust from Saturday's chip auction has settled.

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