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John Carvalho carvajp at auburn.edu
Thu Jul 2 15:28:09 CDT 2009

A colleague in another division asked if I would send this out to our

Hi. I am writing to tell you about an unusual workshop I will be  
presenting at the AEJMC convention in August and to request your help 

in publicizing it. The session is "Teaching Financial Literacy" and it 

will be on Aug. 4. Thanks very much for any help you can provide.

The workshop is designed for anyone teaching students how to read and 

understand financial documents published by media and general business 

firms. It is sponsored by the Media Management and Economics Division.

Many journalism and mass comm professors (and their professional  
counterparts) have only a modest understanding of financial  
statements, budgets and the like. I have been teaching these subjects 

for more than 25 years and in the past several years have conducted  
workshops for faculty members on how to teach financial literacy. Here 

is a description of the workshop:

Teaching Financial Literacy --

In the wake of the market collapse and the financial challenges facing 

most companies, more than ever students need to understand financial  
information - income statements, balance sheets, budgets, markets,  
etc. This highly interactive session will cover basic financial  
statements and how to effectively engage students in understanding and 

analyzing them.

Time and date: 1 to 5 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 4.

For information, contact James K. Gentry at jgentry at ku.edu or  

$25 fee for session to pay for materials and refreshments provided by 


Important --

If you plan to attend this workshop, please send an email to Professor 

Gentry (jgentry at ku.edu) to let him know of your intentions by July 10. 

This way the division will have handouts and refreshments for all  

About the Presenter --

James K. Gentry is a professor at the School of Journalism and Mass  
Communication at the University of Kansas. He received the Barry  
Sherman Teaching Award from the Media Management and Economics  
Division in 2008. The award recognizes excellence and innovation in  
teaching of media management and economics. He has taught thousands of 

corporate communicators and professional journalists how to understand 

financial statements.

John Carvalho
Assistant Professor of Journalism
Auburn University
217 Tichenor Hall
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