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Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication
2005 Newspaper Division Papers

division award winners 2005

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Wednesday, Aug. 10
8:15 - 9:45 a.m.

AEJMC Council of Affiliates & Newspaper Division
Refereed Paper Research Session:
Bridging the Gap Between the Industry and the Academy

Moderating/Presiding: Randy Reddick, Texas Tech

"Survival in Paradise: How Local Identity Helped Save the Honolulu Star Bulletin
Ann Auman, Hawaii

"Interactive Content & Online Newspapers: A Content Analysis of Online Versions of Korean and U.S. Newspapers"
Moonki Hong, Yongrak Park, and Steven McClung, Florida State

"Young Adults' New Sense of Community Calls for a New Newspaper"
Rachel Davis Mersey, North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"Taking Up Space: Growing Newspaper Groups, Their Markets, and the Makeup of Local Content"
Joshua Shear, Syracuse

Discussant: Frank E. Fee Jr., North Carolina at Chapel Hill

* Top Faculty Paper
*** Top CoA/Newspaper INMA Paper

Wednesday, Aug. 10
11:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.
Newspaper Division
Refereed Paper Research Session:

All in the Game: Sports in the News

Moderating/Presiding: David Bulla, Iowa State

"Making Sports News: A Case Study of Sports Newsworkers"
Dan Kozlowski, North Carolina at Chapel Hill

"It's Gametime: The Maslach Burnout Inventory Measures Burnout of Sports Journalists" *
Scott Reinardy, Missouri

"The Influence of Expert Opinion on Media Coverage of the Heisman Trophy Race"
Trent Seltzer and Michael Mitrook, Florida

"The Framing of the 2004 Olympic Games in the U.S. Press"
Thimios Zaharopoulos, Washburn

Discussant: Susan Keith, Rutgers

* Top Student Paper

Thursday, Aug. 11
8:15 - 9:45 a.m.
Newspaper Division
Refereed Paper Research Session:

Online News Making Its Mark

Moderating/Presiding: Anju Chaudhary, Howard

"Walking in Step to the Future 2005: Views of Journalism Education by Practitioners and Educators"
Ernest Martin, June Nicholson, Paula Otto, Jeff South, Judy Turk, and Debora Wenger, Virginia Commonwealth

"Second Servings: Online Publication and Its Impact on Second-Day Leads in Newspapers"
Jack Rosenberry, St. John Fisher

"Stepping Back from the Gate: Online Newspaper Editors and the Co-Production of Content in Campaign 2004"
Jane Singer, Iowa

"The Internet's Influence on Newspaper's Agenda: A Content Analysis of News Coverage in the New York Times, 1999-2003"
Xiaopeng Wang and Ying Sun, Ohio

Discussant: Xigen, Li, Southern Illinois

Thursday, Aug. 11
11:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.
Newspaper Division
Refereed Paper Research Session:

Frames, Bias, and World Views in the News

Moderator: Linda Callahan, North Carolina A&T
"Framing of the Iraq War in the Online New York Times"
Daniela Dimitrova, Iowa State

"When the Barbaric Becomes Sublime: Early New York Times Coverage of the Iraq War"
Victor Pickard, Illinois

"An Experimental Investigation of the Hostile Media Effect in Singapore."
Wei Ling Koh, Diana Wong, Joel Yong, and Stella Chia, Nanyang Tech

"Similar Content, Different Packages: Covering the 9/11 Attack in U.S. and British Major Newspapers"
Li Zeng, Arkansas State

Discussant: Beverly Merrick, Nebraska-Kearney

Thursday, Aug. 11
5 p.m. - 6:30 p.m.
Newspaper Division
Refereed Paper Research Session:

Can the Practice Make Perfect? Cleaning Up the Fourth Estate

Moderating/Presiding: June Nicholson, Virginia Commonwealth

"Plagiarism Persists Despite Journalists' Changing Attitudes"
Fred Fedler, Central Florida

"Says Who? Examining the Use of Anonymous Sourcing in News Stories"
Martin Kratzer Renee and Esther Thorson, Missouri

"The Right of Review: Signs of Growing Cooperation with Sources" *
Duane Stoltzfus, Goshen

"Use of Anonymous, Government and Other Types of Sources in Newspaper Investigative Stories"
Miglena Sternadori, Missouri

Discussant: Leslie-Jean Thornton, Arizona State

* Top Faculty Paper

Friday, August 12
11:45 a.m. - 1:15 p.m.
Scholar-to-Scholar Session

"Beyond Props and Flak Jackets: A New Model to Define Modern Parachute Journalism"
Emily Erickson and John Hamilton, Louisiana State

"Jesse James and Late-Nineteenth Century Missouri Newspapers: They Never Did His Legend Wrong"
Cathy Jackson, Norfolk State

"Cancer Stories in Black vs. Mainstream Newspapers: Is There a Public Health Perspective?"
Jeongsub Lim, Jiyang Bae, Charlene Caburnay, Jon Stemmle, Shelly Rodgers, Doug Luke, Glen Cameron, and Matthew Kreuter, Missouri

"Newshole Changes in Three Large Newspapers with Different Ownership Patterns"
Geneva Overholser, Esther Thorson, Yan Jin, and Yonghoi Song, Missouri, and Steve Lacy, Central Michigan

"Mental map making: The Role of Black Newspapers in Shaping Perceptions of Cancer in Black Community"
Qi Qiu, Cynthia Frisby, Shelly Rodgers, and Glen Cameron, Missouri

"The Public's Views of Ethics in Managing 'Letters to the Editor'"
Bill Reader and Daniel Riffe, Ohio

"'Neutral Reportage' as a Libel Defense"
Kyu Youm, Oregon

Joseph Bernt, Ohio
Barbara Straus Reed, Rutgers
Ruth Walden, North Carolina

Friday, Aug. 12
3:15 - 4:45 p.m.
Poster Session (with Mass Communication & Society Division)

"Shielded From the Feds? An Examination of the Proposed Federal Shield Laws"
Courtney Barclay, Florida

"Hype or Hope? Washington Post Coverage of Hormone Replacement: 1950-2004"
Marlene Cimons, Maryland

"Newsroom Marriage Encounters: The Extent To Which Cross-Media Partnerships Display Convergence-based Behaviors" 
Larry Dailey, Lori Demo, and Mary Spillman, Ball State

"Analyzing the Federal Shield Law Proposals: What Congress Can Learn from the States"
Anthony Fargo, Indiana

"Male and Female Sources in Newspaper Coverage of Male and Female Candidates in U.S. Senate Races in 2004"
Eric Freedman, Frederick Fico, and Brad Love, Central Michigan

"An Analysis of the Bush Administration's Social Security Propaganda Campaign in Major U.S. Newspapers"
Lillie Fears, Arkansas State

"Why Journalism Students Don't Know Grammar"
Gerald Grow, Florida A&M, and Glen Bleske, California State-Chico

"The Influence of Newspapers on Rural Economic Development"
C. Ann Hollifield, Hugh J. Martin, and Cunfang Ren, Georgia

"Media Frames and Fairness and Balance of Five U.S. Newspapers' Coverage of Same-Sex Marriage"
Xudong Liu, Louisiana State, and Xigen Li, Arkansas State

"Model of the Practice of News Immediacy by Web Newspapers"
Brian Massey, Utah

"Connecting With Readers: Why Newspapers Should Consider Incorporating Blogs Into Their Online Content"
Liz Matson, Northeastern

"What's Good for Business Is Good for America? The Framing of Outsourcing in Business Newspapers and General-Interest Newspapers"
Joshua Mound, Ohio

"Covering Campaign Finance: A Content Analysis of Articles, Editorials and Columns on the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002"
Samuel Murphey, Christina Collison, and Anthony Albrecht, Truman State

"Watchdog or Good Neighbor? The Public's Expectations of Local News"
Paula Poindexter, Don Heider, and Maxwell McCombs, Texas

"More Heat Than Light: A Case Study of Crime-Victim Identification in Theory and in Practice"
Kathleen Richardson and Herb Strentz, Drake

"'Journalism is a Loose-Jointed Thing': A Content Analysis of Editor & Publisher's
Discussion of Journalistic Conduct Prior to the Canons of Journalism"
Ronald Rodgers, Ohio

"The Popular Ideology of Freedom of Expression: An Analysis of Newspaper Political Columns"
Thomas Schwartz, Ohio State

"Slave Reparations Dismissed in the News: An Examination of Reparations Coverage in Daily U.S. Newspapers."
Venise Wagner, San Francisco State

"The Dominance of Bearish News? Investigating the News Coverage Against the State of the Economy"
Denis Wu and Anita Day, Louisiana State

"Shaping Feelings: Newspaper Agenda Setting, Level 3: A Hypothesis"
Jason Yu and Donald Shaw, North Carolina

Sara-Ellen Amster, National University in La Jolla
Frank E. Fee Jr., North Carolina
Lianne Fridriksson, Baylor
Kim Landon, Utica