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Thursday, July 2, 2015

Research Award

MC&S research award

MC&S awards outstanding research proposals focused on some aspect of mass communication research. Recipients are given $10,000 to complete the proposed research project. $5,000 will be presented to the recipients(s) at this year’s conference award ceremony. The remaining $5,000 will be given after the authors submit their paper to our division journal, Mass Communication & Society.

Details and How to Apply

Submission Deadline

All material must be submitted electronically to the Award Chairs, Temple Northup (temple@uh.edu) or Melanie Sarge (m.sarge@ttu.edu), by 11:59 pm (Eastern Standard Time) on May 2nd, 2014.

Research Topic

Any topic that advances mass communication research, especially at the societal or macrosocial level, is eligible for the award. Proposals must emphasize the interaction with society and fit with the division's mission. All methods, whether qualitative or quantitative, are welcomed.


This proposal should be submitted in a Word Document with the .doc extension. Hard copies will not be accepted. The proposal should total no more than 5 pages, single spaced. It should include the following sections:
1) An overview of the study, stressing the importance of the topic and the fit with the division's mission. This section should include the research questions and hypotheses, if applicable;
2) A brief literature review citing the most relevant articles and describing where the project fits with past research;
3) Proposed methods, with as much detail as possible;
4) A proposed timeline from inception of the project to Mass Communication and Society submission. Note: The project must be completed within two years from the date of the business meeting in which the first half of the award is granted.

Additional Materials

Include a current curriculum vita and a detailed project budget, showing how the research funds would be used. For the most part, hosting/entertaining expenses and personal memberships and subscriptions will not be funded, unless justified by the researcher. If matching funds are promised by another source, please include a letter (or e-mail) of support from the department chair or other administrator responsible for those funds.


Any member of the Mass Communication & Society division who is currently teaching, researching or studying mass communication full time is eligible. Members of the MC&S executive committee or the selection committee are ineligible to apply.

Additional Information

Half of the awarded funds will be distributed at the start of the project, and the other half will be awarded when the project is submitted to Mass Communication & Society for review, as long as that submission takes place within the two-year deadline. Those not completing the project in two years from the date of award become ineligible for the additional funding; however, the journal still has first right of refusal on the research project. In accordance with the division bylaws, proposals will be reviewed by a committee composed of the current division head, the immediate past division head, the current journal editor, the immediate past editor of the journal, and one at-large member appointed by the current head. The research chairs will announce the winner at the division's business meeting during the national conference.