Top Open Competition Paper

The winner of this award for 2012 is:

Sonny Rosenthal, Nanyang Technological University

A Comparison of Three Approaches to Computing Information Insufficiency: Challenges and Opportunities

The winners of this award for 2011 are:

Rob Wicks, University of Arkansas
Esther Thorson, University of Missouri
Glenn Leshner, University of Missouri

Experimental Methodology in Journalism and Mass Communication Research

The winners of this award for 2010 were:

Young Mie Kim, Ming Wang, Melissa R. Gotlieb, Itay Gabay, and Stephanie Edgerly
University of Wisconsin

Ambivalence Reduction and Polarization in the Campaign Information Environment:
The Interaction between Individual-Level and Contextual-Level Influences

From the head…

“CT&M is a division sometimes misunderstood. One might consider CT&M as the division that ties all AEJMC divisions together. For example, CT&M is one of the few divisions that includes political communication research, health communication research, computer-mediated communication research, international communication research, as well as broader media effects research. CT&M also offers a home for methods pieces and theoretical pieces. It offers a little bit of everything for everyone.” - Michel Haigh, CT&M Division Head