Business Meeting Minutes

Communication Theory & Methodology Division, AEJMC

2012 Members’ Meeting
Saturday, Aug. 11
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2011 Members’ Meeting
Friday, Aug. 12
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2010 Members’ Meeting
Friday, Aug. 6
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2009 Members’ Meeting
Friday, Aug. 7
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2008 Members’ Meeting
Friday, Aug. 8
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From the head…

“CT&M is a division sometimes misunderstood. One might consider CT&M as the division that ties all AEJMC divisions together. For example, CT&M is one of the few divisions that includes political communication research, health communication research, computer-mediated communication research, international communication research, as well as broader media effects research. CT&M also offers a home for methods pieces and theoretical pieces. It offers a little bit of everything for everyone.” - Michel Haigh, CT&M Division Head