Professional Freedom & Responsibility

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Winners of the C&CS PF&R Award include:

The Columbia Journalism Review (1979)

George Seldes (1980)

Erwin Knoll, The Progressive (1981)

Robert “Bob” Greene, Newsday (1982)

Ben Bagdikian; U of Missouri FOI Center (1983)*

Jean Otto (1984)*

Claude Sitton, Raleigh News & Observer (1985)

Penny Lernoux (1986)

Molly Ivins (1987)

Randy Shilts (1988)

I.F. Stone (1989)

Eric Utne, Utne Reader (1990)

Noam Chomsky (1991)

Bill Kovach, Nieman Foundation (1992)

Anne Nelson, Committee to Protect Journalists (1993)

Liliane Pierre Paul (1994)

Nina Totenberg (1995)

Christopher Hitchens (1996)

Studs Terkel (1997)

Hanno Hardt (1998)

Herbert Schiller (1999)

Dan Perkins, aka Tom Tomorrow (2000)

Marcia Ann Gillespie (2001)

James W. Carey (2003)

Ronnie Dugger (2005)

Grade the News (2006)

Bill Moyers; Mark Goodman (2007)

Carol Marin (2008)

Sut Jhally, Media Education Foundation (2009)

Jon Stout, Free Speech TV; Monte Whaley, Denver Post

Robert McChesney; Charles & Rose Klotzer, St. Louis
Journalism Review (2011)

The Center for Media and Democracy, Lisa Graves (2012)


AEJMC’s Professional Freedom and Responsibility Guidelines encompass

(1) free expression,

(2) ethics,

(3) media criticism and accountability,

(4) racial, gender and cultural inclusiveness,

(5) public service, and

(6) equal opportunities for students.

In 1979, the Cultural and Critical Studies Division (at that time called the Qualitative Studies Division) established its PF&R Award. For more than three decades, CCS has honored 35 people or organizations for their courage, persistence or brilliance in upholding professional freedom and responsibility.

The most common attributes of these winners are shown in the word cloud at the top of the page.

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